Becoming Space Smart

We all need more space. Most of us cannot add on to where we live.

Are we doomed to live with our possessions in disarray as a result? “No way,” say I. The first trick is to be in command of of your things. If you let them keep piling up, then they will get out of control. By that time, your belongings have taken over your house and your life.

Let’s look at how this stuff even got into the doorway. Are you guilty of bringing them in yourself and then ignoring them? Do they come in the mail? Do other members of your family contribute to this mess? You cannot stop the mess until you understand what causes it.

Take a look at your mail with all those tempting catalogs that you intend to glance at before you throw them away? Are you reading the daily newspaper that arrives on your doorstep? How about the magazines that pile up by your chair, waiting for you to show some interest? Let’s not even think about those unopened bills.

This is something you can take charge of right now. Make new rules for yourself:

  • If a newspaper is over two days old, it needs to be thrown away
    or recycled (not kept).
  • Keep magazines for a month and discard when the new one comes.
  • Open your mail and sort bills. If they get hidden, then they do not get paid.
  • Coupon flyers are not to be saved; clip them and throw away.

At the end of a month, your piles of mail will not have increased and you may feel brave enough to tackle the old ones. You are on your way to becoming SpaceSmart.

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