Beginning the Process

Start the process of Right-Sizing by forgetting about the traditional

room names. This is not about resale any more. Give yourself permission to re-imagine how these spaces can really be utilized based on your family’s need and varied activities.

Take that ignored living room, for example. It could be a new office for a home-based business with easy access to the front door. Or it may make a perfect “chat room” to make quiet conversation when the great or family room is otherwise occupied with sound and music. If Grandma is coming for an extended stay, could this be reconfigured as an easy-access main floor bedroom so she can avoid climbing stairs?

There are circumstances in our lives such as the one described previously that call for an immediate change in the configuration of our homes. These could be multi-generational families living together or the need for multiple work spaces of all kinds. How flexible is your house?

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