Coming Clean

Time to confess! Do you really use your whole house? Is your dining

room a walk-through space on the way to elsewhere? Does inherited furniture occupy the living room instead of you? How many times a year does someone visit your pristine guest room? Do you need more space to really work at home?

I urge you to come clean about how you really use your home. For example, a foyer is probably a superfluous space if your main entry is through the mud room or garage. Similarly, the oversized great room of the 1990s—which morphed from separate rooms for eating, entertaining and preparing food—doesn’t necessarily work for every family all the time. Gathering areas must incorporate too many functions today: TV viewing, eating, homework, reading or game playing. All this activity in one space, while the nearby dining room is totally ignored. That dining room which gets used three times a year can be repurposed. And for many of us, one home office may simply not be enough anymore in this economy.

Take a good long look at how you use your home as though you had never seen it before… Hopefully you will see new possibilities for trading spaces. Right-sizing should enable you to live efficiently, flexibly, and best of all, comfortably.

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