Working at Home

When one or both of you suddenly need a place to work at home,

the obvious scenario is rethinking one of the children’s bedrooms or the seldom-used guest room. Working at home can be a challenge because it requires storage space as well as work space. Is the new home-worker a “show it or stow it” kind of person? The former alternative may need a dedicated room with closed doors while the latter may be comfortable doing double duty in a room that has another life at night or at holidays.

Before you begin to make right-sizing changes for working at home, think about the space you will need to accomplish this. When you can answer these questions below, it will help you understand you and your family’s needs versus your wants:

    Are you self-employed?

  • Want to create a space for creativity
  • Office needs to be fashionable
  • Need to have light and noise control
  • Do you plan to work at home part-time?

  • Want a duplicate of work office at home
  • Office should be elegant
  • Need storage invisible from work space
  • Will you share an office at home?

  • Need an office to be double-duty
  • Office space will be shared by more than one
  • Want to have office space that never sleeps
  • Do you need a family communications center?

  • Want a place to be a family communications center
  • Office does not need to be a dedicated space
  • Need to catch-up with work, bills or correspondence
  • Are you a telecommuter?

  • Need a workspace but not on daily basis
  • Office should be very functional
  • Want to be able to lock away files

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