Organizing A Home Office

How much space do you really need? I am often asked this question,

and my answer is always 30 percent more than you think. This is really true in high–intensity work areas such as the kitchen and baths, but it is true of the home office as well.

Most of us are in denial about what we need to store. Even if you have cleared out and cleaned up, you know that the excess paper will find its way back to that room. And have you allocated room for copy paper, air freight boxes, and other office supplies? Where are you planning to put these necessities without causing more clutter?

How about room to expand your storage needs? Have you factored that in?
I found in setting up my own home office that despite my best estimates about the need for files and books, I had really not considered that I would need increase this space as my work grew. I have not just talking about spreading out but the day-to-day storage that got bigger with too much effort.

I spend about 15 or 20 minutes at the end of each week, trying to stay on top of my office organization. Try it, it works!

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