A Place For Wine

While the incorporation of wine refrigerators seems to be on the decline

according to The National Kitchen and Bath Association, unchilled wine storage is growing in popularity. While only 39% of surveyed designers incorporated wine storage areas into their kitchens at the end of 2009, just over half—51%—did so as 2010 came to a close.

What does that mean? Either we Americans are not aware that there is a need to optimize our wine, so it does need to be stored properly, or maybe we are drinking it faster so it does not have time to spoil! I think that wine bottles stored for “show” is a really a total waste of space.

How you store your wine will affect the flavor, color and character of each bottle. Even those bottles kept for a few weeks or months can be positively or negatively impacted by the type of home wine storage you have. For most wine lovers, having the right kind of wine storage unit is imperative. Think about temperature, light, humidity, storage angle and ventilation… and a wine cooler. And use those cubbies for some other purpose.

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