Make It Work

While I hate to say this to you all, finding the space is more critical than

designing the space. Here creativity is the key… Even if you have lived in the same home for years and think you have exhausted every possible space that could be a home office, think again.

I find people looking at corners and closets and other areas that at first glance may seem useless. Laundry rooms and wet bars are favorite conversion areas because of availability of electricity outlets and off the beaten path of traffic in the home. I advise readers to think about the space under the staircase or an unused upstairs landing or alcove rather than the corner of a family room or bedroom, which interferes with other part of life.

Of course the obvious choices are guest bedroom (guests can go to motels), living room (it’s where Grandma’s furniture or the Christmas tree are displayed), dining room (for some of us the three times a year room) basement, (think light and more light) converted garage, attic (should you be lucky to have one).

The last resorts are the bedroom and kitchen or even a walk-in closet. Bedroom should be for sleeping, and if this room is selected, you are essentially sleeping with your job… not a good idea. Likewise the kitchen is not an optimum space as it can be as noisy and crowded as a downtown street. The walk-in closet may not do well for the claustrophobic. And then there is the problem of how to fit the chair in the space as well.

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