Attacking The Junk Drawer

There is something really liberating about cleaning out long-avoided

junk drawers. The trouble is when all your kitchen drawers have taken on this appearance, then it is time to de-clutter. I readied myself with some boxes for storage elsewhere (hopefully not in my house), contractor-strength garbage bags, and heavy-duty cleaners plus rags. I have been deluding myself that the kitchen was in good shape. The thought of exposing even just the top level of base drawers was enough to shame me into really clearing them out and cleaning them out.

Once I got going, I found I could not stop. The contents of cabinets suddenly cried out for attention. Nasty bread crumbs, stale spices, unused mystery tea bags and soup cans that looked very ancient all disappeared into those black bags without a second thought. Odd serving utensils, unused platters, jelly jars that were juice glasses will be given a new home via a brief stop at the thrift shop. Pots and pans were given a serious review and some will no longer find space in my kitchen. Mixing bowls took me the longest to weave through; I guess I started remember where I had bought them or who gave them to me, without seeing the fairly cracks or small chips closely.

I will admit that this process took longer than I thought, but sticking to it, I was able to clear out and clean up the “innards” in two days, working on and off. The results are nothing short of a miracle. I can see space in many places that were formerly packed to the brim. Drawers and doors both open and close easily.

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