Overcoming Right-Sizing Inertia

I feel a sense of progress finally after weeks of what seemed like

indecision. No one really wanted to hear about my project anymore, so I was left with talking to the dog. She and I would converse about it – that is, she listened and I reviewed and re-reviewed my choices.

With the arrival of the fabricator, that all changed again. I could see the end was near, and my new countertop was almost in sight. But before that could happen, I needed to get the contents of the kitchen drawers and countertop under control. Meanwhile clutter continues to accumulate. My countertop had become an appliance graveyard, and my base cabinet drawers could have been the subject of an archeological dig.

How many of you have put that messy job off for a rainy day? Well, my rainy day is today. Himself wisely vacated the premises, lest he get lured into clearing and cleaning activities. With great willpower, I placed the large non-functioning food processor in the thrift shop box; I was going to get around to replacing the cracked bowl one of these days. Also the aging toaster was added. I have a great new toaster oven, which multi-functions, so why do I need two appliances that do the same thing? I dithered over the hot water kettle, which I only used twice… out it goes since everyone else prefers the stovetop kettle. I can almost see old countertop again.

The canister set is another give-away. I really do not use them as they were intended anymore, so they gather dust and grease instead. Off to the thrift shop with them, and that means less maintenance for me. My collection of odd salt and pepper shakers and grinders was pared down to two. And let’s not even discuss the ever-present dish drainer. It had seen better days, and wound up in the black garbage bag.

I step back and smile. Amazing what the pressure of having to clear off the countertop does to making the kitchen seem less cluttered. I think I will have a cup of tea to celebrate this victory over disorder and tackle the top drawers another day.

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