A Game Of Dominoes

One project definitely leads to another. Starting with a good idea is a

very satisfying route to travel the right-sizing way.. I found that aging clipping of that reinvented pantry in my canvas bag of “good ideas”, and that will be the motivation now for making a change. I need to create a list of my goals for this project. What do I want to accomplish? If I do not do so, there is a tendency for the same old supplies to make their way back to the de-cluttered closet. I know that I need storage, and who doesn’t?

I also need a functional space that allows me to stretch my ability to spreads out when I am entertaining. And with another little sink in this closet, I could use this as a diversion from the main sink for hand washing, wine chilling, preparation of veggies, and tons of other uses. Of course, I have to move a plumbing line from the powder room which backs up to this closet. That means a little of money when my friendly plumber makes a call. However, a friend suggested that an integrated undermount sink could be easily installed once I had that water supply.
See how easy it is to get stimulated by the prospect of a new project? I am going to do my heavy research online this time to avoid pestering the local hardware or big box guys. I need to get my plumbing vocabulary up-to-date so I can talk the talk and walk the walk. Hey, I did not even know what an undermount sink really was until my friend explained the difference.

I know that I will fall asleep tonight with visions of little sinks floating in my head. Tomorrow will be a great day to begin my self-education. And continue my list of project needs: space-saving faucet, countertop, better lighting inside the closet, decrease the upper shelf space but I can use it more effectively, and last but not least, my most persuasive reasoning of why I need to spend $$$ for yet another home improvement.

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