6 Pre-Summer Right-Sizing Changes

Before you head outdoors to really enjoy the summer, take a good,

long look at your house. You may be surprised to discover that things have been accumulating since you last cleared out or cleaned up. Here are a few easy steps to take that are guaranteed to make a Right-Sizing difference.

  • Make Room in Your Coat Closet
    Review the contents of your coat closet for out of season jackets, coats, scarves, or even boots that were never put away for seasonal storage. This is a good opportunity to discard the worn-out or too small, or to repair those missing buttons.
  • Get Control of Your Picnic Gear
    Gather all those paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils onto one central shelf so that you can create an instant, eating-outdoors center. Include some trays or baskets if you carry ingredients or meals out to the patio or deck.
  • Evaluate Your Beach Towels
    Pull out all those large bath sheets that no longer work and recycle into backyard or beach towels. At the end of the summer, send them onto further use at the local Humane Society or animal shelter.
  • Take a Good Look at Your Pantry
    Rearrange together cans or boxes of food supplies to create a quick, warm-weather-meals section: canned soups that can be served cold, or boxed mixes that make instant desserts. You want to be outside, not inside cooking over a hot stove.
  • Look at Your Casual Shoes
    Assess your sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops held over from last year and throw away those that are showing wear and tear. This is a good chance to make room for new footwear and not still hold onto the old.
  • Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover
    Refresh your bedding with some new sheets and pillowcases. Get rid of those bed linens that have seen better days. Do not recycle them to your guest room, however!

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