Who Said Space Is Relative?

Who said that space was relative? Probably someone like Einstein,

who never visited my kitchen. If he had, he would have changed his statement. I think that every inch counts for me, but then I am a new convert to the make-better-use-of-your-space religion, having spent two days or so atoning for the overload on my knees.

Now that things are cleared out and cleaned up, I have found a few things that I want to share with you that will help you make better use of your kitchen space, inside or outside of cabinets:

  • Store More
    This space-efficient Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack by Zevro lives up to its name, as the 1.5 oz. spice canisters can be stored on both the top and bottom of the rack to maximize space and reduce clutter. A locking mechanism on each canister allows you to dispense by pouring or sprinkling—great for one handed use. Choose from the 6-canister and 12-canister models (each model includes a sheet of self-adhesive spice labels for your convenience). For more details, contact zevro.com
  • Hang Tight
    Get that paper towel off the counter. To maximize space, this wall-mount paper towel holder from SimpleHuman can be mounted to a cabinet or a wall in any position. The quick-release knob detaches with a light squeeze of the buttons when changing the roll. A tension spring prevents unraveling and creates slight resistance to allow pulling off one paper towel at a time. The extra-strong mounting bracket provides superior durability. Find out more at simplehuman.com
  • A Sharp Idea
    Knives can take up a lot of space on your drawer or counter. This innovative under-cabinet swinger knife block from Wusthof allows you safely and conveniently to store up to eight knives plus a sharpening steel. It swivels to reveal knife handles with a touch of the finger while knives are held securely in place with magnetic strips. For more details, log onto wusthof.com

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