A Place For Wine

A Place For Wine

While the incorporation of wine refrigerators seems to be on the decline according to The National Kitchen and Bath Association, unchilled wine storage is growing in popularity. While only 39% of surveyed designers incorporated wine storage areas into their kitchens at the end of 2009, just over half—51%—did so as 2010 came to a close. […]

Make It Work

While I hate to say this to you all, finding the space is more critical than designing the space. Here creativity is the key… Even if you have lived in the same home for years and think you have exhausted every possible space that could be a home office, think again. I find people looking […]

Home Office Design Challenges

Who needs long commutes, office gossip, and high overhead? Certainly not the 42 million people who call their home – or at least a portion of their home – their office. In fact, more new homes are being designed and built with a home office as part of the plan, according to the National Association […]

Predictions From the Builders Show

Walking the convention floor in Orlando for the International Builders Show takes perseverance, politeness and comfortable shoes. But when you are in search of the next big thing, then walking and talking is what it is all about. This year some distinct trends appeared. Some are repeats recast in a new way and others are […]

Organizing A Home Office

How much space do you really need? I am often asked this question, and my answer is always 30 percent more than you think. This is really true in high–intensity work areas such as the kitchen and baths, but it is true of the home office as well. Most of us are in denial about […]

Working at Home

When one or both of you suddenly need a place to work at home, the obvious scenario is rethinking one of the children’s bedrooms or the seldom-used guest room. Working at home can be a challenge because it requires storage space as well as work space. Is the new home-worker a “show it or stow […]

Coming Clean

Time to confess! Do you really use your whole house? Is your dining room a walk-through space on the way to elsewhere? Does inherited furniture occupy the living room instead of you? How many times a year does someone visit your pristine guest room? Do you need more space to really work at home? I […]

Beginning the Process

Start the process of Right-Sizing by forgetting about the traditional room names. This is not about resale any more. Give yourself permission to re-imagine how these spaces can really be utilized based on your family’s need and varied activities. Take that ignored living room, for example. It could be a new office for a home-based […]

Becoming Space Smart

We all need more space. Most of us cannot add on to where we live. Are we doomed to live with our possessions in disarray as a result? “No way,” say I. The first trick is to be in command of of your things. If you let them keep piling up, then they will get […]

Why  I believe in Right-Sizing

Why I believe in Right-Sizing

It was in the late 1980s that I first began noticing out-sized homes in all different parts of the country, with rooms either too big or too tall, or too small to be useful. At the same time, I realized that many older homes, mostly not so big, had rooms with labels in no way […]