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This is where you have your say. Everyone has the potential to be a Right-Sizer. I want to hear your ideas and inspirations. How do you handle some of the problems of your home’s space? Or are there answers you really need to resolve? Log in, and send me your questions or share your answers. All are gratefully received.

Where I Cook1 Topics1 Posts
Cooking, reheating, brewing, or some variation now happen all over the house, no longer relegated specifically to the kitchen. Where do you cook? How do you manage that space? Are you alone or do you have company during your cooking tasks?
Where I Eat0 Topics0 Posts
Where do you and your family really eat your meals? The answer is probably all over the house, and much depends on who is home. And what constitutes a meal? What makes one place more attractive than another to do this?
Where I Relax0 Topics0 Posts
Where you relax—not how you relax—is the topic. But how you relax defines what you do with the "where." Let's talk about how to make the best moments of our lives more enjoyable—in the best spaces possible.
Where I Bathe0 Topics0 Posts
Is your bathroom still the old five- by seven-feet size (less than the square footage of a king-sized mattress)? Or do you feel like you are rattling around in an over-sized aspiring spa space? What do you need? What would you like?
Where I Sleep0 Topics0 Posts
Yes, you sleep in your bedroom, but you most likely snack there, work there, and/or read there as well? What Right-Sizing ideas have you used to make that sleeping space work for you while you're awake? Or a better place to really sleep?
Where I Work0 Topics0 Posts
The work-at-home trend is not going away any time soon. Just what have you done to carve out a workspace in a home that wasn't designed to accommodate an office? What do you need? What would you like to do? How do you make it work?
Where I Clean & Store0 Topics0 Posts
Are you a stow-away person (out of sight, out of mind) or a show-off person (everything on display)? Whether you live in a mini-home or a mega-mansion, how you use available storage is what matters. How do you handle this problem? Any suggestions?
How To Live In Comfort0 Topics0 Posts
Our homes can be a hazard to all of us. Yet planning for the future—or adapting to present physical challenges—is the key to proper Right-Sizing techniques and to living fully, safely, and with ease in our homes. How does your space work for you?