The Art of “RE”

You know you want your house to better fit how you and your family live

now (and hopefully for years ahead), but the challenge is to discover your home’s new potential. That’s where The Art of “RE” comes in.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the prefix “re” means “return” or “back.” When it comes to Right-Sizing, “re” refers to the celebration of a new space found within an old home. Think of all the “re” words you very frequently use to describe actions you take in your home, such as rediscover, remodel, etc.

To get you started, look at the “re” word I posted below. I’ve included a suggested action for that word.

Before I move my furniture around physically, I will move it around on a
floor plan to see how it looks. It will
save my back and will help prevent decorating mistakes.

Now it’s your turn. Add your own creative ideas for this week’s word. Post them below to share with other Right-Sizers. And don’t be shy; you can’t have too many ideas. . .


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